Cold Pain Relief Patch

Cold Pain Relief Patch

Cold Pain Relief Patch uses for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints assiocated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains.

1. Product and application.
Hydrogel is abstracted from water-solubility macromolecule compound or hydrophile substance, which are crosslinking or partly crosslinking and herbal medicine extraction or powder. The appearance is glittering and translucent. Coating it on the backing of non-woven fabrics and cover polythene or polypropylene film on the surface. Cut into different specifications according to requirement and pack in sealed plastic packet.

The basic substance of hydrogel can be used to produce medical plaster such as defervesce plaster, pain-relieving plaster, foot plaster, brain-waking plaster and cosmetic and healthy plaster such as eye films, face mask, slim plaster, gestation veins plaster, abduance plaster.

2. The superiority of hydrogel to traditional plaster.
(1) The water-solubility of hydrogel has a vast application range and has good dissolving with water-solubility and grease dissolving medicine.
(2) The basic substance can carry more medicine and is very suitable for the large dosage of herbal medicine. And has no influence on the stability of main medicine and has no side effect.
(3) Give medicine dosage exactly, assimilate area immobility, so the consistence of medicine is stable.
(4) Aqua gel usually contains over 50% water, can holding water excellent, intenerate cuticula of skin easily. Assimilate medicine conducively.
(5) Diathermancy, glutinosity and heat preservation of aqua gel are better than traditional plaster. So aqua gel is comfortable, not just use for one time, not stain the clothes, no leftover, and no pain when you tear it after use.

(6) Technics of production is simply, adapt to industrialisation, and roboticized produce
(7) No petrol and organic menstruum in product process, avoid losing of volatile Chinese medicine
Guarantee the medicinal effect. And avoid the pollution of petrol.
(8) Convenient use. The elasticity and glutinosity are suitable.
(9) No stimulation and anaphylaxis to skin, and no remanet on skin.
(10) Can be hold the shape of aqua gel, and do not intenerate because of sweat.
(11) Got stability and wet in period of time.
(12) Compare to injection, aqua gel got convenient use and no pain.
(13) Compare to tablet to swallow, not degradation from stomach intestine, got high usage rate.

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