Capsicum Plaster for Rheumatism

Document No. Of Approval: National Drug Approval No. Z19994011

Packaging 1: 7cmX10cmX2pcs/packetX10packets/box(600packets/ctn)
Carton Size: 368mmX281mmX360mm

Packaging 2: 7cmX10cmX4pcs/packet/box(240boxes/ctn)
Carton Size: 423mmX385mmX385mm
Drug name: LaJiaoFengShiGao(Capsicum plaster for rheumatism)


Product description: It is light tan plaster sheet with aromatic smell. Action classification: It is an OTC medicine for acute parenchyma sprain and bruise.

Indications: It can dispell wind-evil and expell cold-evil, relax muscles and tendons and activate the flow of qi and blood in the channels and collaterals, subdue swelling and alleviate pain, and has good treatment for arthralgia, pains in waist and back, sprain and ecchymoma, chronic arthritis and unbroken frostbite.

Usage & Dosage: External use only, Apply it on the affected part, once or twice daily. Contraindications: It is forbidden for the pregnant woman.

1. Do not apply it on the wounded area;
2. Please stop use if have symptom of allergy;
3. Please stop use if feel unwell when using it;
4. Children should be guided by the adults when using it.
5. It is forbidden if the plaster character has changed.
6. Please keep it out of reach of the children.
7. Please consult the doctor or the pharmacist when taking other medicines. Storage: Sealed and keep it in a cool and dry place.
Packaging: Compound aluminum bag, Validity: Two years.

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